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Events and Charities

Here at RemedyWave we like to give to some of our favorite charities. We feel very fortunate having run a successful business for almost 20 years and could not have done so without the support of our many great customers. There are many people in need around the world, and even the smallest donation can help change someone's life.
RemedyWave is not affiliated with any of these charity organizations. We are just providing links to them so you can determine if donating to them is right for you. Should you wish to make a donation, all donations are done through the charity websites. As with all charities, always do your research on the charity organization to make sure your donation is going to the specific cause you wish to support.
Local Events
The United States, Singapore, and China all have local events where you can help make a difference in your local community. RemedyWave was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area back in 2001, so for many of our team that area is local for us. Many of us at RemedyWave share a passion for activities in and around the ocean when we're not providing technical support services.
RemedyWave Local Events
No matter we are sailing, surfing, or scuba diving, we always feel fortunate to live near the ocean. Some local organizations that we recommend looking into for keeping our ocean environment clean include:
Remember it doesn't matter where you live, there are always local organizations where you can volunteer or donate to that can make a difference in your local community. We'll keep you posted when we participate in our next local company volunteer event. Everyone is always welcome to join!

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